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Artwork Guidelines 

 Do you have print ready artwork? 

If you have print ready artwork you can use our guides below to double check that we can achieve the best possible print quality. Usually for large banners and signs some images can pixelate when enlarged, therefore we require at least 300dpi or a vectored format wherever possible. 
If YES is it in a vectorised format to size, such as .pdf .eps .ai or similar file with all fonts outlined? 
If NO then please contact us for information on our in-house design services or read the guides below 

Does the artwork contain images, fonts etc? 

If so are the images at the highest resolution possible? 
We will require images at preferably 300dpi at full-size as the final output will be much superior. For posters, business cards etc. 150dpi should be adequate. We will let you know if there is a problem with the images. 
Please ensure that all fonts are embedded in the document or make sure you convert fonts to outlines to prevent any issues with fonts when sent to print. If we do not have the required fonts, we are unable to make any minor changes to the artwork if needs be. 

Do you know the dimensions you require your print to be? 

If so please set the artwork to the required size (e.g. A3, A4) ready for print in a PDF/EPS format with trim marks. If not don't worry, we can always advise you on the size depending on the material* it needs to be printed on or what the print is going to be used for. 
*Our maximum printing width is 1600mm 

Do you need us to send you a template file for the artwork? 

If so then please let us know. We can supply templates and specifications for our more complex products such as roller banners, pop up displays etc. We are more than happy to send you one so please contact us. 

Do you need any further information on our artwork guidelines? 

Please feel free to contact the team at where one of our graphic designers will be more than happy to help you.